Helicopter Progress

For our helicopter platform (Gaui GX9), we have recently been adding in the various avionics – camera, radios, flight controller and so on. This also included the time-consuming (but very important) task of routing the cabling. We even put a small camera on the tail boom so have in-flight footage of the helicopter: We have… Read More »

Deliverable 2

After a lot of hard work both on and off the airfield, we have recently submitted our Deliverable 2 report for the 2016 UAV Challenge. It covers the overall system design of our UAV, failsafe system and risk management. The full report is available

CanberraUAV presentation to RAes

Last week CanberraUAV gave a presentation and flight demonstration to the Canberra branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAes). This covered the history of CanberraUAV in competing in the UAV Outback Challenges in 2012 and 2014, the group’s purpose and past/current R&D activities. This also included an introduction to the world of open-source UAV development by… Read More »

Working Towards D2

Over the past month, we’ve been busy getting our airframes ready for the Deliverable 2 report for the UAV Challenge. This video must include an autonomous takeoff and landing (among other items). Both our helicopter and quadplane platforms have been working quite nicely for this. As part of this, we’ve been flying out large-scale helicopter… Read More »

Conference Talk – Linux.conf.au

Recently, Andrew Tridgell gave a talk at Linux.conf.au covering his work with developing the APM software for helicopter and quadplanes. Much of this is part of CanberraUAV’s development for the 2016 UAV Challenge. He also talks about rocket planes (the LOHAN project) and a general update of what has been happening in the APM community… Read More »

Quadplane Auto Flight

After many months of development and testing of our quadplane, we have had our first completely autonomous flight! From this point on, we will start scaling up to larger airframes capable of carrying our payload for the UAV Challenge. This is in addition to the usual software tuning and improvements.

Quadcopter Workshop

CanberraUAV will be running a build-your-own quadcopter workshop in December. It will be held at the MHV makerspace from 6pm 11/12/15 to 4pm 13/12/15 (building Friday evening and Saturday. Flying on Sunday)

2016 UAV Challenge D1 Report

In the spirit of openness, we have publically released our Deliverable 1 Report for the 2016 UAV Challenge, which was submitted a few months ago. This has the purpose of showing others what CanberraUAV is proposing to use for the 2016 UAV Challenge, as well giving other teams an idea of the standard of report… Read More »


Recently, CanberraUAV was invited to a robotics exhibition at the Croatian Embassy in Canberra. Along with other groups from around Canberra (including the Croatian Rococup team!) we hosted over 1000 visitors throughout the day. We had an autonomous rover running in the courtyard, though some of the children preferred driving it themselves! Additionally, we had… Read More »

CanberraUAV Passes 1st Stage of UAV Challenge

CanberraUAV have been given a “go” decision for the Deliverable 1 checkpoint for the 2016 UAV Challenge. Along with 58 other teams from around the world, we will now be progressing to the next Checkpoint – Deliverable 2 in April 2016.